Zara Phythian (Doctor Strange actress) and husband convicted British court

Doctor strange actress Zara Phythian and her husband victor mark have been convicted of multiple charges of child sex abuse in a British court.

According to a document provided to view by the Nottingham crown court clerk, a 37 year old Fithian who was tried under the name Zara mark was convicted of 14 counts with a 59 year old husband convicted of 18. the counts for Fifian all relate to sexual activity with a child that occurred between december 2005 and december 2008. She is named alongside mark in all of her charges though he is individually included on four additional indecent assault charges as an individual mark’s offenses include indecent assault of a 15-year-old victim. their actions spanned multiple years and repeated occasions involving the same victim.

Fithian has two dozen credits listed on Imdb the most notable being a small role in the 2016 doctor strange blockbuster opposite benedict Cumberbatch as a brunette zealot. She does not appear in the sequel doctor strange in the multiverse of madness for bbc reporting mark claimed that the sexual activity occurred on only one occasion and that Fithian was not involved alongside him. fithian reportedly denied any sexual activity with one of the victims judge mark Watson remanded the couple into custody following the trial ahead of their may 16th sentencing both of you know the sentence I pass on the 16th of may is likely to be measured by a considerable period of custody.

He said at the trial Nicole Hepburn from the crown prosecution service said that Fifian and mark were exposed as the true liars in the case after the victims initially reported the pair years after the abuse began.

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