Ishan Kishan’s 84 Runs Against Sunrisers in 55th IPL Match 2022

Yeah we’re in for fireworks and this guy right he connects the first ball. Is it going to be that kind of day today?

Jason Holder is just wide of him and we’ll go for four if it’s wide of Jason, always wide of anybody. Now back over his head Ishan Kishan has got the license. Now through the offside it’s just a question of which part of the boundary and he gets it to third man, oh he’s toying with the field right, he goes for it to the fielder who will watch the ball go into the boundary for four. And the good execution like this look at him goes away, it goes for four. How far is that going far enough for six, not sure he was in control rather how much he swiveled and yet how much or through his hands 50 came up in 16 deliveries for Ishan Kishan fastest half century in this season. The Mumbai Indians 63 for no loss in four overs.

A very potent force scored at 17. This champ 16 and 17 confirmation for you cricket lovers. Extraordinarily he’s after more sitting back and enjoying the ride eight maximums that’s not bad either. Ellen Wilkins fetched there while we’ve had five not there that’s gone, that’s flown for four. There’s a change of pace but he’s been pumped, he’s been pumped all the way for another unacademy cracking sex here and that is the end of an astonishing innings from Ishan Kishan instead of the match with that sort of delivery it’s pace you see pace extra pace does it. Thanks, yeah I’m so unlucky it’s been going so well, I should have absolutely smacked this over 0.46 but the extra pace and bounce again goes to that young fellow. That’s what he can produce, what an innings though stunning 84 from 32.

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